On The Screen, In The Air

Former heavyweight boxing champion/ex-con/Nippertown legend Mike Tyson makes a serious break-through in his film career this week. Maverick filmmaker and compulsive gambler James Toback – who earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for his screenplay for 1991 best picture Academy Award nominee “Bugsy” – has had a serious thing for Tyson. Over the years, he’s brought the tattooed champ onto the big screen in such compelling films as 1999’s “Black and White” and 2004’s “When Will I Be Loved.” Tyson is seriously loved in Toback’s new documentary, “Tyson,” which opens at the Spectrum Theatres on Friday, May 29.

But Tyson isn’t content with just ONE new movie. You can also catch him in action in the new buddy/comedy, set-in-Las Vegas-movie “The Hangover,” slated to open on Friday, June 5. And yes, it’s a film in which Tyson not only punches people, but he also exhibits his singing skills, dishing up his best rendition of “In the Air Tonight,” the first solo single from former Genesis drummer/singer Phil Collins.

Here it is – but be warned.

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