TERRY ADAMS’ “Holy Tweet”

(Clang!, 2009):
Madcap NRBQ keyboard pounder Terry Adams is back with yet another solo disc, and this time around he’s bringing ‘Q drummer Tommy Ardolino along for the ride. The Figgs’ Pete Donnelly sits this one out, so Scott Ligon rounds out Adams’ trio on guitar and bass, as well as some organ, too. An excellent album, it wallows in the usual ‘Q omni-pop sound. You get plenty of sweet, melodic pop (“Beautiful Lover,” “My Girl My Girl”), but you’ll also get a dose of vintage garage rockin’ (“Never Cop Out”), oddball covers (“Indian Love Call”? Oh yeah) and whatever else pops into Adams’ slightly unbalanced mind (a bouncy pop ode to “Feet” isn’t as fetishist as you might think). The mighty ‘Q are on hiatus, but these days Adams seems more prolific than ever, and if his solo albums continue to maintain this level of grin-inducing fun, the ‘Q’s absence may not be not quite as big a problem as it seems.

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