Be Here Now: Elvis

Elvis was spotted working at a Burger King in Lake George!
Was that Elvis wandering through Shepard Park?
And over there on Canada Street buying a soft ice cream cone, isn’t that Elvis?

Yes, yes, yes, it certainly is. As Mojo Nixon used to say, “Elvis is everywhere” – at least in Lake George next weekend. You see, it’s time once again for the Elvis Festival at a heap of locations throughout Lake George and Lake Luzerne beginning Thursday, May 28 and running through Sunday, May 31.

Beginning with the free opening night ceremonies in Shepard Park (7:30pm Thursday, May 28) and continuing through to the Festival Wrap Party at the Steel Pier dock (6pm Sunday, May 31), the spirit of The King will be in each and every side-burned, lip-curlin, hip-shakin person in Lake George.

Among the dozens of Elvis impersonators – I mean, tribute artists – slated to perform are Dwight Icenhower, Irv Cass, Ronny Craig, Gino Minopoli and Joe Ramsey. Also performing will be Ted “Ricky Nelson” Torres and Robert “James Brown” Washington.

There’s so gosh-darned much Elvis stuff going on that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all from the tribute artist competitions to the memorabilia sales, from the classic car parade to the dinners, cruises and after-hours parties.

But I know for sure that I don’t want to miss the Elvis Bingo session at 11:30am Sunday, May 31 at the Painted Pony Saloon.

The LakeGeorge.Com Elvis Festival
Various locations in Lake George and Lake Luzurne
Thursday, May 28-Sunday, May 31

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