The Summer Concert Season Is Here!


The Nippertown summer concert season officially kicks off on Wednesday, May 27 with the first concert of 2009 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Coldplay.

Too many locals still like to think of us as Smallbany, but a closer look would seem to prove otherwise. Despite the fact that this is undeniably a secondary market, we seem to get more than a fair share of blockbuster shows on our local stages.

Take a look back at the Top 10 tours of summer 2008:

1. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ($32.1 million)
2. The Dave Matthews Band ($29.5 million)
3. The Police ($28.3 million)
4. Neil Diamond ($19.2 million)
5. Coldplay ($16.7 million)
6. Journey ($15.6 million)
7. Rush ($14.2 million)
8. “American Idols Live” ($13.8 million)
9. The Jonas Brothers ($11.1 million)
10. Motley Crue ($10.5 million)

OK, now consider that Petty, the Police, Diamond and Rush aren’t on tour this summer. That leaves six top shows, and all but one – the Jonas Brothers – are already scheduled to make a tourstop in town this summer.

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