Live: Railbird @ The Linda, 5/28

Sarah Pedinotti and her band Railbird dropped by the monthly CRUMBS Nite Out bash at the Linda to introduce their new “secret” release, the five-song, Americana-flavored EP, “Flower From California.” The band showcased the shimmering folk-pop nuggets – “Looking Back” and the title track – as well as the funky, acoustic jam, “Umbrella Blues.”

Pedinotti switched back and forth between grand piano and harmonica, while the rest of the guys expanded the sonic pallett to include strange percussion, a toy piano and a banjo-ukulele, as well as the more standard guitars, drums and stand-up bass.

Railbird at CRUMBS Night Out
Railbird at CRUMBS Night Out

Reaching back in their catalog, “Limousine” (from last year’s “Railbird” debut) was another stand-out – a Bo Diddley-meets-Beat poetry gem featuring a clattering percussion breakdown and such lyrics as:

“They say I run with the devil
I got silver laces in my shoes
I got freaks in my eyeballs
and the alligator blues”

Looking back, I’ll admit that although I was a huge fan of the Sarah Pedinotti Band, their initial transition to Railbird was a bit of a let-down.

That disappointment was short-lived, however. With the CRUMBS show, Railbird proved that they’re once again one of Nippertown’s top bands, well on their way to establishing a sound all their own.

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  1. Alex says

    I’ve seen them four or five times now and I think that was definitely my favorite so far.

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