Be Here Now: Michael Eck & Rob Skane at the Muddy Cup, Saugerties


Last Friday, Rob Skane cranked up his guitar as a member of Cosmo Vinyl’s Army to pay tribute to the Clash at Valentine’s in Albany. And on Saturday, Michael Eck was sharing the stage with the likes of Jonathan Edwards paying tribute to Phil Ochs at Space 360 in Hudson.

So what do you get when you sit ’em both around a table in the spotlight at the Muddy Cup in Saugerties at 7pm Thursday, June 4?

“Rob will be doing his patented garage.folk.rocknroll,” explains Eck. “As you may know, my solo dates of late have been a crap-shoot. I’m just as likely to play a relic from the Mississippi Sheiks or Blind Lemon Jefferson, as I am to pull out something from one of my own records. Hell, last time I called up the ghost of Crying Sam Collins and did Townes Van Zandt on the ukulele.

“Pretty much what I can guarantee is loud, out-of-tune singing
and the banging of fretted instruments. The rest is up to you.”


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