Bogie’s is back?!?


297 Ontario St., Albany.

The site of way too many nights of great music – certainly more than I can possibly remember.

Bogie’s was there before Blotto recorded our first vinyl, and it was still there so many years later when Blotto released our first CD.

Now, after a loooooooooong hiatus, Bogies (the apostrophe is apparently optional) is back again . Yes, with the fine folks of Black & Blue Productions at the helm, Bogies celebrates its official grand re-opening with a crank-it-up-to-11 bash on Friday, June 5.

Sleaze-rock kingpins the Erotics headline the festivities with plenty of sonic support from the likes of Horror Business, Hijinx, Society High and Pistol Shot Gypsy. It all gets underway at 8pm, and admission is $10.

I still vividly recall the Units at Bogie’s funking up a version of “Ease on Down the Road” from “The Wiz” during the Labor Day weekend of 1979.

And Albie from the Black Fuel has a whole mess o’ fond memories of the old Bogie’s.

What are your fave Bogie’s shows of ye olden days?

  1. Susan Cook (AKA British BlottoO says

    WOW, some of my favorite shows were BLOTTO, of course, The Sharks!…(was in love w /the drummer :), and of course French Letter! (go Ralph and Buck)..
    On my trip home in October, will definitely ck out the new Bogies! Thanks Sarge!

  2. Mikey says

    I barfed there ALL THE TIME!

  3. TL says

    Too many nights spent there going back to Bogarts… Morons “Suburbanite” Lark Beat Record release (with according to the poster w/a WVCR simulcast that I don’t think ever happened?) Here’s a clip from that show in 1981:

    A lot of cool bands there, but seeing the Neighborhoods always stands out!

    I even had a chance to take a stab at a Blotto song there once:in ’93. Here’s that:

  4. kathy t says

    fave shows? too many to list, even leaving out the ones that were a blur.
    as many as i could get too back before i thought i was too old to go out on a ‘school night’ and certainly before the night we stopped by only to find underage sorority girls dancing to ricky martin on the bar.

    looking forward to checking it out.

  5. martyn says

    Look’s like it’s going to be a hardcore/metal venue for the most part, with the exception of old farts Last Conspiritors (Hi Tim~!). I think i remains to be seen if a venue like that can hold up in such a residential area. Might go the way of that Troy/core place across the river. Big guys at the door, violence inside. A recipe for disaster. If they are going to try to run the place 5 or 6 nights a week they’re going to have to diversify a bit.

  6. Gary says

    My “fave Bogie’s shows of ye olden days” – Blotto and Units/Fear of Strangers – not necessarily in that order (sorry, Sarge)… Val Haynes could sing any song with the “right” emotion. Cash, Steve – what a group – should have gone way big – missed oppotunity by the major labels. I got their album but I’d still like to get copies of their songs that were never released…

  7. Greg says

    No offense taken, Gary. I have an extra soft spot in my heart for those old Units shows there myself.

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