Chickenfoot and the neo-supergroups

I don’t know. Maybe supergroups were never very good at coming up with band names. I mean, Crosby, Stills & Nash is hardly what you’d call imaginative, right?

So comparatively perhaps Tinted Windows isn’t really such an awful band name.

But Chickenfoot?!? I mean, really, what were those guys thinking? Those guys being guitar wizard Joe Satriani, Chili Peppers’ drum-thumper Chad Smith and the left-behind members of Van Halen – that would be bassist Michael Anthony and singer No. 2 Sammy Hagar, but not singer No. 3 Gary Cherone, just in case you’re keeping score…

After a quick 9-city roadtest earlier this year, Chickenfoot is embarking on its inaugural, full-scale tour, and the all-star foursome is scheduled to make a tour-stop at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday, August 18.

Anyway, it’s written somewhere that it takes three things to turn something in a bonafide trend. So we’ve got Tinted Windows. And we’ve got Chickenfoot. Which means that we need one more. At least.

So while we’re waiting for Chris Cornell to come to his senses and put his next all-star ensemble together, we started thinking about some of the supergroups that we’d put together. Think of it as fantasy baseball for rockers:

1) Donald Fagen, Merle Haggard, Jim Keltner, Dave Holland, Rick Nielsen and Elana James

2) Rickie Lee Jones, James Carter, Brian Blade, Jack Bruce, Andrew Bird

3) Terry Adams, Otis Taylor, Danny Barnes, Tony Levin, Marc Ribot, Jay Bellerose

Vote for your fave.
Or better yet, hit me up with your own fave dream combo.

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