BUDDY AND JULIE MILLER’s “Written in Chalk”

(New West, 2009):
They’ve been making great music individually for more than two decades, but surprisingly enough, this is only the second collaborative effort from the king and queen of the Americana prom. They channel the Band on the nostalgic, opening “Ellis County” and then branch out to the dangerous blues rumble of “Gasoline and Matches,” the heartbroken balladry of Don’t Say Goodbye and much, much more – all of which is simply first rate. Guest vocalists by an A-list of fans and friends including Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant and Patty Griffin.

Buddy and Julie Miller: Written In Chalk

  1. AndyG says

    This is a fine little recording!

  2. AndyG says

    Ooops, and a very interesting article in a recent Paste Magazine article.

  3. Greg says

    Yeah, Paste is an excellent mag with big ears for music and big eyes for film. Due to dwindling advertising, the mag is going through a rough patch, but if you can make a donation or buy a subscription, you can latch onto some great free music.

  4. AndyG says

    Actually, I started getting Paste to finish out my subscription to Tracks Magazine when they folded. I’ve subscribed ever since. I did make a donation (probably one of the first to do so…). Great mag – I always liked Hollis Gillespie’s columns, but they’ve been mia …

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