I’ll be off to Tipperary in the mor…

Am I the only one who notices these things? Three odd local commercials:

Tipperary Trading in Brunswick manages to cut off the last syllable of a fine and famous Irish song that leaves me hanging a half-step above musical resolution and shouting “NING! NING! IN THE MORNING!” at the television.

“Dick Wood for Quick Response here…I don’t need a script to tell you how professional they are…” and then he throws away the script and keeps walking down the street. Dude, you just littered in front of thousands of viewers.

And am I the only one who finds Price Chopper’s Triangle Man completely creepy? He’s got that unwavering grin on his face. He’s only got four fingers. but the thing that squicks me out the most is the way his gloves are rolled up at his wrists. It’s all a little too Mickey Mouse for me, and Mickey Mouse belongs in cartoons, not in live action. If I were a kid, this would give me nightmares.

Although on second thought this is pretty creepy, too.
Although on second thought this cartoon is pretty creepy, too.
  1. AndyG says

    Plus there’s an axe into the coin-eye. I wonder if it would help if the lady head was put back on the coin…

  2. Alan Beberwyck says

    Yeah, the Triangle Man is my advertising-pet-peeve-of-the-month. What is he supposed to be – A question? An ax blade? An inquiring mind? I’d like to know…

  3. Greg says

    How old school, Andy.

  4. Sara says

    Oh that’s right – I forgot about their old “ax into the lady’s head” logo. Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Nicole says

    That PC guy is awful! And the CREEEEEPY commercials where it’s a guy in a costume and he approaches people about their shopping? Horrible horrible! I would run away in terror if he came up to me. That is the best mascot they could come up with??! Is there even a need for a character like this?

  6. admin says

    Hi Alan, a piece of cheese, perhaps? Or pie?

    (Because if Triangle Man represents an axe blade, then why does he have an axe blade for an eye?)

  7. Sara says

    So I’m not alone in finding it creepy! Thanks for letting me know.

    Personally, I liked the House of BBQ commercials with Melvin Sparks. It’s a catchy little tune that I sing to myself when I’m grilling on the back deck.

  8. AndyG says

    Greg & Sara: You’re welcome! 😉

  9. Greg says

    I wish I’d been paying closer attention earlier, but apparently Price Chopper is holding a You Could Star in a House of BBQ Commercial contest. Hmmmmm…
    I’d better get to thinking quick, as the deadline for submissions is Friday.

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