Be Here Now: Ian Nagoski @ Upstate Artists Guild

As part of the Albany Sonic Arts Collective‘s double-barreled weekend of shows at the Upstate Artists Guild in Albany, Ian Nagoski will present a rather different kind of performance at 8pm Saturday, June 20.

Nagoski is a record collector. Not one of those guys – and they are almost always guys – who obsesses over every new release by some obscure indie-rock band of demi-gods, but rather a guy who collects vintage world-music 78 RPM records.

There’s a fascinating story about Nagoski from the Baltimore City Paper.

Hopefully, Nagoski will spinning some of the almost impossible-to-find tracks from his upcoming CD, “A String of Pearls,” the first release on his new label, Canary Records. Being released next week, the new compilation features music from the first half of the 20th century from such far-flung corners of the globe as Constantinople, Milano, Bucharest, Uttar Pradesh, Armenia, Thrace, Jamaica, Serbia, Huilotita, Seville, a Zuni reservation and elsewhere.

Sharing the evening with Nagoski will be another 78 RPM record collector Robert Millis of the Climax Golden Twins.

And at 8pm Friday at UAG, the Albany Sonic Arts Collective kicks off the weekend with an evening of abstract ambient sounds featuring Gregg Kowalsky’s “Tape Chants” with Ben Bracken. Also on Friday’s bill are Fossils From the Sun and Rambutan.

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