Song of the Week: Main Travelled Roads

Today is the 59th birthday of Jackie Leven, one of my favorite singers.

If you’re not familiar with him, he was the founder of Doll By Doll, a London based rock band who released four albums in the early eighties that have only recently (finally!) been re-released on CD. In a Telegraph article, Neil McCormick called their album Gypsy Blood “British rock’s lost masterpiece.”

After Doll By Doll broke up, Leven suffered a horrific street attack that damaged his vocal chords and left him unable to talk or sing for several years, which led to a heroin addiction. But eventually he turned his life around through sheer force of will, and started releasing solo albums, quite prolifically.

Here’s a video of Doll By Doll lip synching their Celtic elegy “Main Travelled Roads” from German television. The end is cut off – the complete line is “Eternal is the warrior who finds beauty in his wounds.”

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