Be Here Now: heARTS aligned @ Bread & Jam Cafe

Peanut butter and chocolate.
Abbott and Costello.
Guns and Roses.

We love it when two things come together to form something even better. And there’s not much more that we like here at Nippertown than art and music.

So we got pretty excited when we heard about “heARTS aligned,” an interactive music-art performance that’s slated to take place at 7:30pm Saturday, June 20 at the Bread & Jam Cafe in Cohoes.

On the music end of the equation are Matt Durfee and Matthew Loiacono, while Ben Suhr and Jason Antonelli supply the visual art input for the evening. Man about town Matt MacHaffie will serve as emcee/ringmaster/referee.

We’re not 100% certain what’s going to happen. But, hey, that’s OK; we like to be surprised. Anyway, here’s how Mr. Loiacono describes the goings-on:

“This may be one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been asked to be a part of! Check it out – Matt Durfee and I will sit on stage, and audience members will pick original pieces of art from a hat. Each piece of art (designed by Jason and Ben) will correspond to one of Matt or my songs. Thus, a completely unique experience that is combining art and music!”

  1. Matthew says

    Here’s a little more on the event (from Matt D’s Facebook event page…)


    I’m very excited about the upcoming heARTS aligned show at the Bread and Jam Cafe, and want to offer up a little info about it;

    Matthew Loiacono (kamikaze hearts) and I have been working with two very talented visual artists, Jason Antonelli and Ben Suhr, over the last couple of months. Ben and Jason have taken our songs/lyrics, and illustrated interpretations of them onto 3x5in “song cards”. Matthew and I have left all artistic vision up to the artists, offering no input other than our music.

    Now the REALLY neat part;

    On June 20th, Ben, Jason, Matthew and I will be sharing our art with the good folks at the Bread and Jam Cafe. You (the audience member) will have the opportunity to determine our setlist for us. Matthew and I will be performing our songs round-robin style (one song apiece, alternately) as they are drawn randomly from song buckets, whichever song card you choose, we play it. As a bonus, you get to keep the song card you choose as a souvenir of the evening, so you win in two ways- you get an earful of original music and an eyeful of wonderful art.

    We’re expecting more people than there will be song cards, so we’ll be having folks submit their names on pieces of paper when they arrive. Our excellent MC for the evening, Matt Mac Haffie, will draw and announce names to see who gets to choose a card. So not only is the event random for us, but for you as well, offering everyone the chance to be involved regardless of what time they arrive or who they know.

    The idea of this event is not only to showcase musicians and artists, but to actively increase the artistic network of each individual participant and audience member. Ideally, this event will turn into a semi-refular series, featuring different artists/musicians each time around, and hopefully, creating some new friendships and contacts along the way.

    The evening will start around 6:30 with the display of both Jason and Ben’s original artwork, which the cafe has kindly agreed to display for the following month. We’ll be having a bit of a meet and greet, social time between 6:30 and 7:30. Music will start after that, and will hopefully be one of the most interesting shows I’ve played in a while, and not the total trainwreck that it has the potential to be 🙂

    Bread and Jam Cafe is located at 130 Remsen Street in Cohoes, and features great food and coffee,tea,etc. It’s a good venue anytime, but especially for this show. We look forward to seeing you June 20th!!!

  2. Greg says

    Thanks, Matthew. I love it when Matt says it “will hopefully be one of the most interesting shows I’ve played in a while, and not the total trainwreck that it has the potential to be.”

    You know, there’s nothing wrong with “a total trainwreck” every once in a while, as long as you’re trying to push the envelope and do something different.

    Kudos to y’all.

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