Real Good For Free: CRUMBS Nite Out @ The Linda

I’ll be on a panel discussion about home music recording with Dan Berggren and Troy Pohl and moderators Paul Rapp and Paul Czech. We’ll be talking about the hows and whys of home studios, recording, and probably lots of other tangents.

Prior to the panel discussion, there will be music by the very cool chamber-pop ensemble Eric Margan and the Red Lions beginning at 7pm. It should be an extra-special performance, as the band will be expanding to a larger-than-usual 10-piece group in order to perform their recently released debut CD “Midnight Book,” in its entirity from beginning to end.

CRUMBS Nite Out, 8 PM, Thursday June 25th at the Linda Norris Auditorium.

  1. Mike H says

    My timing with cool local music happenings is a bit off these days – having a belated Father’s day with dear old Dad that same night, but this sounds like lots of fun – someone video or record it please?

  2. AndyG says

    Mike H: CRUMBS events are usually recorded and rebroadcast. See for schedules.
    And, listening to Midnight Book right now…
    And, looking forward to panel discussion. I’m a (pre) newbie to home recording.

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