I don’t see anything. Do you see anything?


In response to our River Street Arts Festival post, Nippertown regular AndyG commented about Julian Beaver’s famous 3D anomorphic pavement works, specially distorted drawings that create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.

This photograph of urban camouflage works in reverse – seen from the right viewpoint, the object tends to disappear.


I was going to do an urban camouflage link roundup, but Web Urbanist has already beaten me to it, and I don’t think I could top their amazing collection. Have a look: Web Urbanist: The Uninvisible Art of Amazing Urban Camouflage

  1. AndyG says

    COOL LINK! Wallpaper, utility boxes, wow! The “Beater Car Cover” made me giggle. A reverse of that would be the “Luxury Car cover”, using a Plymouth Satellite. Or something.

  2. Greg says

    Yeah, that would come in handy if you had an expensive ride that you had to park somewhere dicey.

    Now if only I had an expensive car…

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