SPAC schedule is finalized

What you see is what you get, at least as far as SPAC’s schedule of rock concerts goes.

“Yes, we’ve announced the whole season,” says Donna Eichmeyer of Live Nation, who books the pop and rock shows into SPAC each summer. She also points out that SPAC’s rock schedule this summer features “more shows than usual.”

But it also means that we won’t get a second Saratoga Music Festival. Last year’s inaugural fest – featuring Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Steve Earle, Conor Oberst, the Swell Season, Gillian Welch and Raul Malo – was the highlight of SPAC’s calendar.

The festival was supposed to be an annual event, but alas, it was not to be. “We tried to do it, but it kept falling apart,” Eichmeyer says. “We had three different line-ups, but nothing came together. Actually, we asked CSN to headline it, and they said no. Hopefully, it will be back next year.”

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