Be Here Now: Saratoga County Fair, 7/14-19

Can it really be county fair season already? It doesn’t even seem that summer has arrived yet.

The Saratoga County Fair gets a jump on the surrounding counties, kicking off its six-day extravaganza on Tuesday, July 14.

Of course, you’ll find the usual array of carnival rides and fried-dough stands, but there’s something more going on here. The county fair harkens back to the days when we were all more self-sufficient. When we would grow our own food. Make our own clothes. Entertain ourselves without a Playstation III.

Yes, it’s nostalgic, and for a lot of us, it’s a nostalgia for a time that we never actually knew. But we kinda wish we had. A time when we knew our neighbors and gave them a helping hand. When we made music all together in the parlor or on the porch.

The county fair is a throwback. Old-school fun. It’s a time of quilting bees and racing pigs. Country music and clog dancing. Chainsaw sculptures and blacksmith demonstrations. 4-H fashion shows and pie-eating contests. Bingo and rodeo.

And you can find ’em all at the Saratoga County Fair.
C’mon up and have yourself some good old-fashioned fun.


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