Be Here Now: Eclectic Method @ Red Square, 7/18

Eclectic Method is an international three-man band of media mash-masters.

They not only splice ‘n’ dice songs and beats, but they also mash up films, television and videogames. Then they fuse it all back together into something totally brave and brand new – a mega-wallop of multiple-screen, neo-narrative sensory overload.

They not only shake your booty. They also shake up your braincells.

It’s not just art-rock. It’s cuisinart-rock.

They’ve worked with the likes of Public Enemy, Stephen Colbert, Fatboy Slim and U2, but there’s nothing quite like what these guys do live. Sure, Nero fiddled while Rome was burning, but at an Eclectic Method throwdown, you’ll be boogeying to the sights and sounds of pop culture imploding.

And, of course, no two Eclectic Method shows are even remotely the same, and Nippertown fans will have the opportunity to be sucked into back-to-back performances this weekend.

They’ll be at Jason’s Upstairs Bar in Hudson on Friday, July 17 and at Red Square in Albany on Saturday, July 18. Prior to the Jason’s performance, there will be a screening of the controversial documentary film, “RiP!: A Remix Manifesto.” As the opening act on Saturday in Albany, meanwhile, the one-man sonic assault squadron Disposable Rocket Band will bomb the house with heat-seeking missles. And DJ Mr. Chips will be mixin’ it up both nights.

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