Blotto gets smart

Nippertown’s veteran pop-parodyists Blotto get a shout-out in the current issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Apparently, the mag regularly features a collection of themed quotations in a column titled, “The Smartest Things Ever Said About…”

This month’s theme is “The Hot Season,” and there are words of wisdom about summer from the likes of such heavy thinkers as Lord Byron, Tom Wolfe and Henry David Thoreau.

But Blotto tops the list with a selected lyric from their classic summer song, “I Wanna Be a Lifeguard”:

“Summer blondes revealing tan lines
I’ll make more moves than Allied Van Lines.”

  1. Chris Shaw says

    25 yrs. later and Blotto still cuts to the chase!

  2. Greg says

    25 years? Oh Chris, you make me feel so young. It’s actually almost 30 years ago now… Ouch

  3. Erik Hage says

    That is great! And a line I appropriated from Blotto more than once over the decades…

  4. romulus smyth says

    I attended several Blotto shows and would rate this as the second best line they have after “You single-handedly outwit my guards, make love to my woman, beat me at cards.”

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