Gary Puckett, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?


“Yeah, it was Elvis.

I can’t remember what the title of the album was, but I know that you’d recognize it if you saw it. It was the one that had kind of a yellow background with a shot of Elvis from the top of his shoulders up, and he was sort of turned to the side.

It had songs like ‘When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again’ and ‘Old Shep.’ That was a great record, and I remember it well except to the title, which is now stubbornly escaping me.

My folks had recently bought one of those new hi-fi cabinet systems. I don’t think it was stereo. And I remember sitting in front of that thing listening to Elvis sing his tunes.”

Gary Puckett steps into the spotlight at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Mass. on Friday, July 24.

  1. Rachel Diaz says

    Yes, yes, yes! You are right. Gary Puckett will be playing 7-25-09. Look for personal reviews of the concert at his fansite

    And I’m soooo glad you are going too.

  2. Rachel Diaz says

    I thhik those 2 songs are available on the Elvis albums
    Mystery Train/I Forgot to Remember to Forget (1955)
    and also released on
    Great Country Songs [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED: October 15, 1996

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