Phishin’ for fans?

Of course, any self-respecting Phish fan (is that an oxymoron?) would suspect that the Parting Glass would be the post-concert destination of choice given that the Gordon Stone Band is slated to play there at 11pm following Phish’s reunion tour-ending show at SPAC on Sunday, August 16.

But now several area mainstream newspapers have announced that members of Phish are planning to join in the post-concert musical festivities at the Glass. Like the Glens Falls Post Star. And the Daily Gazette. And…

Which means total mayhem at the Lake Ave. pub. And let’s not forget that track season will be in full bloom, too. So will the Phish boys actually be foolhardy enough to make an appearance at the Glass?

I think not.

Personally, I think the press coverage is just a diversionary tactic from the Phish camp. I’ll bet that Trey and company will actually stop by Caffe Lena for an after-hours jam with acoustic bluesman Chris Smither.

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