Don’t Be Here Now: No John/Joel tonight

With Billy Joel sidelined by extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms, tonight’s Face 2 Face concert with Billy Joel and Elton John at the Times Union Center has been postponed.

And that’s undoubtedly very good news for SPAC, which should see a significant jump in lawn ticket sales for tonight’s Coldplay concert.

No new date for the John/Joel concert has been announced yet, but I just loved the way that a television newscaster over the weekend advised ticketholders, “Don’t throw those tickets away.” Gee, no foolin’. I just paid $177 for a ticket, but I shouldn’t throw it away?

Anyway, I don’t see why Sir Elton didn’t just snag one of the guys from Nippertown’s real dueling-keyboards concert of the week – Dr. John and Al Kooper at The Egg last Saturday – and do the concert tonight anyway. They could have billed it as The Two Johns: Elton-meets-Dr.

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