The Stony Creek Band on “The Today Show”

A big shout-out to the Stony Creek Band, who did a great job representing the Adirondack sound on NBC-TV’s “The Today Show” this morning when the “Today Takes a Vacation” segment was broadcast direct from the Sagamore in Lake George.

It only seems as though the Stony Creek Band has been around as long as the majestic mountains that surround Lake George. But actually, the combo has been around for more than 35 years, and co-founding guitarists John Strong and Hank Soto are still at the helm today.

As Christopher Shaw wrote back in 1998, “Much has been made of the Adirondack regional sound in the last few years, and I will betray my prejudice by stating that the music of the Stony Creek Band contains a more purely distilled essence of the Adirondacks – that special mixture of Quebec fiddle tunes, lumberjack ballads, and postwar country-swing – than can be heard on all the albums of the genre’s more recent exponents.”

The band was the perfect choice to represent, and judging by the dance moves that Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry were breakin’ out at the end of this highlight clip, the Stony Creek Band still has the right stuff – even after all these years.

Nice goin’, guys!

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