Avalon Peacock in the Top 3 in “Can You Duet”

Trust me, I know how good a singer Avalon Peacock is.

I just didn’t think that a panel of country music judges from Nashville – even if one of ’em is Big Kenny Alphin from Big & Rich – would see it quite the same way.

But now Avalon and her singing partner Ryan Larkins are headed into the Big Three showdown on cable channel CMT’s “Can You Duet” at 9pm Saturday, August 1. Boys and girls, that’s the semi-final show.

Last week, she and Ryan dipped into Peacock’s songbag for “Narrow Escape,” as the CMT competition showcased songwriting talent as well as singing skills with “Original Song Night.”

We here at Nippertown.com have been following Woodstock’s own Ms. Peacock since before “Can You Duet” launched its second season of shows back in June. (Just plug Avalon’s name into the Nippertown.com search box to follow all of our weekly posts.) And to read more about how Avalon found herself in Nashville, check out M.R. Smith’s story in Roll Magazine.

But let’s face it, I never thought that Avalon – the heavenly, seductive vocalist with Woodstock’s alt-country band Mechanical Bull – would ever get this far in the “reality show” competition. At least not in Nashville…

It’s not that she isn’t good enough, but rather that she’s too good. Too smart. Too musically eclectic. Too unwilling to play the Nashville music industry cookie-cutter game.

Obviously, she’s even smarter than I thought.

OK, Avalon, you got this far. Now, let’s go all the way!

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  1. AndyG says

    Greg: I am stunned and amazed that they’ve made it to the top 3, for pretty much the same reasons you cite. But, you know, it’s quite possible to play this smart all the way to the end. I think the judges aren’t just going to pick the “easy” duet, this time.

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