Be Here Now: ZO2 @ Valentine’s, Tonight!

OK, I’ve never actually seen ZO2 play live, but they’re the stars of one of my favorite current TV shows, “Z Rock.” It airs Sundays at 11pm on cable channel IFC.

The TV show is all about a heavy metal power trio named ZO2, who are banging around Brooklyn, trying to get a break. In the meantime, the guys – vocalist-guitarist Paulie Z, stud bassist David Z and Italian, non-Z drummer Joey – manage to eek out a living as a children’s birthday party band named the Z Brothers.

Great concept, right? Yeah, and of course, it’s all too true.

What’s more, the TV show boasts a fabulous batch of thoroughly unexpected guests including such metaloids as Dee Snider, Dave Navarro and Sebastian Bach. And stand-up comics like Joan Rivers, Gilbert Godfrey and Jim Norton. And jam band faves Chris Barron and John Popper.

It’s a wacky and wonderful and frighteningly real rock & roll sit com, and believe me, they manage to squeeze com out of every unlikely sit. It’s a sordid, satirical look at the underbelly of the rock & roll dream.

The TV show’s second season launched in June, and if you want to catch up, the first season is now available on DVD – and highly recommended.

LIVE at Valentine’s in Albany tonight!

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  1. AndyG says

    I think it would be even funnier if the Zucchini Bros opened the show.

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