Song of the Week: Ring of Fire Eight Miles Wide

Greg was making a case for that cute five-year-old who sings and plays Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” (I would include the link here but I can’t find it again – there a frightening number of youtube videos with young children badly singing Johnny Cash songs.) Sure, I said, we could contrast it with The Cowsills’ version of “Folsom Prison Blues,” where a very young and giddy Susan Cowsill plays bass and sings along. It actually competently performed, if a little surreal, what with a fresh-faced thirteen-year-old singing about shooting a man in Reno.

Since I don’t really find children all that interesting, they both got blown out of my head by this: Storm Large, a finalist in Rock Star Supernova (and now I can hear a giant collective “who?” yep, that went nowhere fast…here’s what she sounded like then…) singing, in the tradition of Paul Bunyan and a thousand Penthouse Forum letter writers, a song that elicited from me equal parts of wow and WTF.

“My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide” is an incredibly catchy song from her one-woman show, “Crazy Enough,“ in which she sings that the song itself is a metaphor for “my super vagintastically mystical feminine goddess core.“ And then she introduces my favorite new word, “vigantic.”

Definitely NSFW, especially if you have the audio turned up.

  1. Mary Jane Leach says

    I thought it was going to be a takeoff on “Eight Miles High.” 😉

  2. Sara says

    Glad you enjoyed it. I almost spit out my coffee.

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