Good job, Avalon!

No, Woodstock’s own Avalon Peacock and her singing partner Ryan Larkins didn’t win season two of the CMT’s “Can You Duet” singing competition. But they sure gave it a good shot.

In the semi-final round of competition they sang “American Track,” proving that they can indeed rock out.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to secure them a spot in the one-on-one – or rather I guess it’s actually two-on-two, isn’t it? – finals. In a split decision by the judges, Ryan and Avalon earned a third place finish on the show.

By the way, JB Rocket took the runner-up spot, and Steel Magnolia was named the grand prize winners.

Still, a third place finish in a nationally televised competition is quite an amazing accomplishment – especially considering that Ryan and Avalon were total strangers only a few short weeks ago.

We’re darned proud of Avalon.

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