Hanging Out at First Friday, 8/7/09

The first Friday of every month is Albany’s famed First Friday arts walk, with exhibits and events along Lark Street, Central Avenue, Delaware Avenue and downtown. Here’s what caught our eye on our latest jaunt:


We started at Grand Street Community Arts Center, with a group exhibition of writing and photography about refugees from Burma, The Sudan and Bhutan:


Albany Center Gallery is currently showing Ben Schwab’s urban landscapes…

and Blake Shirley’s paintings of the unseen, unnoticed and unremembered:

At the Contompasis gallery at 40 Broadway, the walls were glowing with artwork…


…including Samson Contompasis‘ “Gorillas:”


At the new gallery at Davey Jones Locker over on Delaware Avenue, we were dazzled by Theresa McTague’s mixed media collage, “J’aimerais Avoir Pas”:


Our favorite at Elissa Halloran’s were these small framed cartoons by Teresa Burns Parkhurst:


Dirty Paris was playing at Ben and Jerry’s:


At UAG, Andrea Hersch’s “Get Away” caught our eye:


And it’s not Lark Street without the the Albany art car. Anybody know anything about this? It’s breathtaking.


  1. Ralph says

    I really enjoyed the much-overlooked paintings at Midtown Tap & Tea Room on New Scotland. There was a large nude painting there that was really incredible, as well as the cloud-esque paintings near the front entrance. Incredible talent.

  2. Sara says

    Thanks for letting us know. Do you know the artist is?

  3. sara says

    Sara & Greg, Nice to meet you both last friday. Great Site. I’ll be sure to pass it along. Don’t forgot about a small sign or poster for our gallery! 🙂 thanks!

  4. Sara says

    Hi Sara,
    Glad to spread the word and good luck in your new job as curator over at Davey Jones Gallery. See you soon!

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