Elvis Perkins, What Are You Listening To?

Elvis+Perkins“Well, at a recent record store performance, I found a CD called ‘The History of Mankind.’ No, wait, that’s not it. It’s called ‘The Secret Museum of Mankind.’

It’s kind of like ‘Black Mirror,’ that compilation of 78RPM recordings from around the world that was released on the Dust to Digital label. ‘The Secret Museum’ is slightly more obscure and a little less celebrated, I guess you could say, but it’s a very similar kind of compilation.

It’s full of curios, oddities and that sort of stuff. It’s old, weird music.”

Elvis Perkins and his band Elvis Perkins in Dearland will perform at the MASS MoCA Music Festival in North Adams, Mass. on Saturday, August 15, along with Josh Ritter, Ben Kweller, Kaki King and Samantha Crain.

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