Public Service Announcement: Green Tomato Recipe Link Roundup

tomatoA while ago I bragged about my early tomatoes. Now I’m being punished for my pride; the blight has hit my heirloom tomato patch and the only way to avoid it is to pick the tomatoes while they’re green. So, what do you do with 20 pounds of green tomatoes?

There’s the obvious: fried green tomatoes and the less obvious bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sandwiches. I had this for lunch yesterday. It’s truly orgasmic.

I canned a batch of chutney a few years ago and it’s still sitting on my shelf, so I’ll probably avoid green tomato chutney. Ditto for any kind of jelly or jam or marmalade or mincemeat. But I’m going to can some salsa and some green tomato ketchup this weekend.

Here’s the recipes I’m excited about trying:

Recipes I probably won’t try but there’s no reason you shouldn’t:

Still lookng for more green tomato recipes? Here’s the mother lode.

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