New Scientific Maps’ video!

Scientific Maps have unleashed the music video for their sparkling, shiny tune, “People Love Their Troubles.”

And it’s all about Albany.

Directed by Joseph Bellacosa, the video follows the daring robbery and attempted escape by the mustachioed Gumball Bandit, dashing past many of Nippertown’s most hallowed landmarks.

See the Albany All-Stars Roller Derby team.
See the Tulip Festival revellers.
See Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned.
See the Empire State Plaza modern art collection.
And, yes, even the beloved, iconic Nipper makes an appearance!

The song “People Love Their Troubles” is featured on Scientific Maps’ new EP, “Galvanic Wizardry” on the B3nson Recording Company label.

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  1. Aaron says

    thank you very much for the post! we dig nipper (and nippertown!) and he’s just one of the albany landmarks we made that bandit run past and through. i’m sure the bandit isn’t done yet. he’ll be crashing a pool party or bbq soon, i’d bet.

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