Bring those lawn chairs to the Boss

If it’s not an indication that Bruce Springsteen is getting on in years, it’s at least a sure sign that his fans are getting old.

When tickets to Springsteen & the E Street Band’s Tuesday, August 25 show at SPAC first went on sale, concertgoers were prohibited from bringing lawn chairs onto the grounds.

(Photo by Nancy Nutile McMenemy/Backstreets)
(Photo by Nancy Nutile McMenemy/Backstreets)
But apparently the fans raised enough of a ruckus that the folks at Live Nation have had a change of heart. So if you’re headed up to see the Boss with a lawn ticket, feel free to bring along that lawn chair.

“As lawn chairs have grown in size we are increasingly concerned with the amount of space these chairs take on the lawn, which is why we restricted lawn chairs for this event” said John Huff, Live Nation’s SVP of Operations for the Northeast Region.

“Based on the number of calls we received from guests asking us to reconsider the policy, it is clear that these guests want to use lawn chairs, so we have decided to reverse the policy and allow lawn chairs into the facility for this event.

“We encourage fans to be considerate of the people around them and utilize the smallest lawn chair and space possible so everyone can enjoy the show.”

Oh yeah, one more thing: You should also be prepared to bitch and moan to your heart’s content when you can’t see a #*!#-in’ thing while you’re sitting in your lawn chair because everybody else all around you is standing up, dancing, and spilling their smuggled-in beers.

In a completely unrelated note: Yes, there are still lawn tickets available for the show.

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