Jumpin’ Jehosaphat! It’s free Jeebus!

It was about a week and a half ago that Nippertown.com hailed the arrival of a band you most likely never heard of – Jeebus.

Featuring former members of the righteous band o’ Albany rockers the Hanslick Rebellion, a former David Bowie guitarist and a current Rufus Wainwright drummer, the NYC-based Jeebus made their area debut at Savannah’s in Albany on Friday, August 28, and by all acounts they rocked the house down to the ground.

But if you weren’t there yourself, you had to content yourself with someone else’s account of the hot, hipster happenings – either in pictures (Bryan Thomas’ big batch of cool photos at The Hidden City) or words (J. Eric Smith’s gushing review at his Times Union blog).

But not anymore.

“We’ve put the entire show online as a free MP3 download, if you’re interested,” declares Jeebus main man Jed Davis. “It was a fantastic night … and we look forward to coming back to Albany for more!”

That’s right – all 11 Jeebus songs in hi-res MP3 format, unedited, unmastered, tracked in the room on a digital stereo recorder and conveniently compressed into one zip file.

Get it here, and find out why J. Eric Smith declared, “I literally don’t feel like I need to see another concert this year, because this one is going to show up at the top of the year-end best list when December 31 rolls around, so why waste time on inferior events for the next four months?”

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