Song of the Week: 999’s “Homicide”

It’s September 9, 2009, which, of course, is 09/09/09.

So we decided to delve back into our scruffy old punk days, and pull out this nifty little nugget for ya:

PS: We had no idea, but apparently 999 is still chugging along – and still led by founding guitarist-vocalists Nick Cash and Guy Days.

  1. Tim Livingston says

    Thanks for the reminder of this band. I remember seeing them at JB Scotts. When it came time to do “Homicide” at the end of the show the entire audience, sans the bartender and waitresses, was on stage singing along. Everyone on stage…

  2. Sara says

    Hey Tim, thanks for your comment — I thought I replied to it but I think I borked the button…

    I just have to say that a number of times I’ve been so blue and then I heard this song and just started dancing. The sound of the combined bouncing bass line and ringing guitar make me smile every time.

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