LIVE: The Boredoms @ EMPAC, 9/11/09

The Boredoms (photo by Bryan Thomas)
The Boredoms (photo by Bryan Thomas)

It was likely everything that you wanted it to be:
Chest-thumping and ear-throbbing
Awesome and assaultive
Epic and ecstatic
Loud as fuck

There were certainly times during the course of the Boredoms non-stop, 85-minute performance of “Boadrum 9” at EMPAC @ RPI in Troy on Friday that our ears were more enduring the sonic assault than actually enjoying it.

But there were also genuinely transcendent moments.

The Japanese noise-rock gurus led a pounding powerhouse percussive ensemble of nine drummers – each playing full drum kits – while bandleader Yamatsuka Eye generated plenty of accompanying electronic noise as an aural foundation.

The drummers were amazingly synchronized, in complete precision. And then at the given cue, they would launch off into an uncharted realm of total cacaphony.

Opening act Deerhunter opening with a megawatt ambient wash, but soon began pumping out songs carved in a more standard rock form, including “Never Stops,” “Nothing Ever Happened” and the mighty rumble of the closing “Calvary Scars.” In fact, “Little Kids” sounded downright pop-ish with a bit of a psychedelic swirl.

QUOTE OF NOTE: “I’m going to tell a joke because I think this building needs more jokes told in it,” offered Deerhunter vocalist-guitarist Bradford Cox. “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes because then you’ll be a mile away from them – and you’ll have their shoes.”

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To view more of Bryan’s photographs of the performance (all 87 of ’em), go here.

The Boredoms (photo by Bryan Thomas)
The Boredoms (photo by Bryan Thomas)

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