Meet Mr. Demon Potato Head

OK, OK, OK, already. We surrender to the heavy metal gods of the underworld.

Our favorite cartoon metalheads KISS are coming back to life – just like Pinocchio, and they’re bringin’ the “Sonic Boom” with ’em. That’s the title of the new KISS studio album slated for release on Tuesday, October 6 (exclusively at Wal-Mart).

Truthfully, we’re really not chomping at the bit to hear the new KISS album, but we are eagerly awaiting its release so that we can scarf up some of the oh-so-cool accompanying merchandise.

And lo, though they may not yet be members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – let the moaning and gnashing of teeth commence – they must surely already be inducted into the Pop Culture Marketing Hall of Fame, right?

Well, if they weren’t before, you can bet that they will be once this baby hits the store shelves next month:


Now all bow down before the mighty masters of metal music merchandise, KISS…

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