Uncle (Tupelo) and Son (Volt)

sonvoltSon Volt rolls into The Egg in Albany on Friday, September 18, in support of their new album, “American Central Dust,” released on Rounder Records earlier this month.

Do we have to say anything more?

No, we don’t. But, of course, we will.

Just the other day, we were flashing back to Son Volt’s Albany debut at Bogie’s in – I think – 1995. It was sometime shortly after the release of their debut album, “Trace,” anyway.

But, as it turns out, our memory banks actually stretch back further than that.

Yes, we remember Uncle Tulepo gracing the stage of QE2 nearly two decades ago. It was July 19, 1990 – less than a month after the release of the band’s landmark debut album, “No Depression.” And they weren’t even the headliners. They were the opening act for the fine Tucson band, the Sidewinders.

But we need some help here. Was that Uncle Tulepo’s only area appearance? Or did they come back and play QE2 again later? Somebody let us know, please. Thanks.

  1. HojoHiFive says

    They played Bogie’s sometime in ’92 in support of Still Feel Gone. They drank N.A. beer and didn’t smile much. And no, you can’t have a copy of the show. You should have been there.

  2. Greg says

    “didn’t smile much,” eh? Perhaps because they were drinking NA!

  3. martyn says

    was at that Uncle Tupelo show at qe2. the gf and I hung out with Tweedy after their set. He was friendly and totally down-to-earth. Odd that they werent headlining. Around that time Char had a funny habit of having the out of town bands open for the local bands who, most of the time were the draw. I remember going to see a band (86 out of Atlanta GA) who after a long fight with CS at the bar refused to go on before Dirty Face. They left without playing and the crowd didnt really seem to notice/care. Speaking of Dirty Face someone should encourage DomC. to put out a compilation CD. There was some great songs there that deserve a second airing.

  4. Sara says

    Hmmm, what’s it worth to ya? (I’ve got a copy….)

    Seriously, Dominick has a myspace page – harrass him to issue it, it’s great – music to get speeding tickets by.

    And a facebook page…

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