ArtBeat: Timothy Cahill @ the Spectrum 8 Theatres


We love the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany. Of course, we love them for the cool movies that they screen there. But we also love ’em for their commitment to art.

The front lobby is an art gallery. And they added a sculpture nook in the lobby, too.

But our favorite exhibition space at the Spectrum – no, actually our favorite exhibition space in all of Nippertown – is the theater’s former ticket window. It’s so democratic. You don’t even have to go into the theater. The window faces out onto Delaware Ave. day and night. You can walk by and see some unexpected – and almost always interesting – art. On the street. For free.

The current installation in the Spectrum’s window is a piece by arts writer-photographer Timothy Cahill. It’s titled “The Pleasure of the Text II.”

Cahill says, “Someone today told me the window is ‘a succinct, minimalist expression of your ambivalence toward writing. To see all those images coming out of your typewriter!’ Hell, I just play the damn instrument; I don’t control what music comes out of it.”

Photograph by Timothy Cahill

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  1. TDC says

    Wow, what a thrill to be in Nippertown! Milli thanks, and I couldn’t agree with you more on the Spectrum window being the region’s bossest venue. As for that last crack, it’s a strange thought coming from a writer, but not from someone who sits in now and then with the band playing percussion accompaniment on an Olivetti.

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