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We here at aim to be your conduit to all things music, arts and fun, so we thought we’d pass along this open letter from Eric Gleason, who is trying his best to make something happen:

“I’ve spoken to some of you in the past about my idea for a music society that would serve fans of all sorts of American roots music. There are several societies around that each have a very narrow focus, and many of them seem to be struggling, so I think it’s time that someone step up to form a group that is more inclusive and takes advantage of the incredibly diverse music base we have in the Capital Region.

I know that many of us are fans of all the music that has gone into the modern American musical melting pot, including country, rock, bluegrass, jazz, soul, blues, and all the possible combinations. And I think that there are many good reasons to form a group based on that common ground.

I’m calling this idea a ‘Roots Music Society’ for now, and I feel that this is a good time to get started. The summer’s winding down, and I think that if we start now we’ll be in a good position to get things really going for next summer.

My broad goals are simple and include:
1. Help local bands find a broader audience
2. Help roots music fans find more local bands
3. Encourage participation of a younger crowd than are typically involved with the music societies
4. Establish a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation

There are many more specific goals that could be set, and I’m hoping that you’ll all come with your ideas about what we can do for the local music scene.

Since I know many of you from the Northeast Blues Society, I’d also like to make it absolutely clear that this group is not being created to replace or compete with NEBS. If NEBS rises again I will gladly pay membership dues, and I see no conflict in people being involved with more than one music group. I’ve offered to help with NEBS as they restructure, and plan to do so as long as it seems like a feasible project. And I’d also like for this new organization to work in partnership with the other music societies around here, instead of replacing them.

I’m going to have an initial interest/organizational meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday, September 23 at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany.

Please let me know if you’d like to be there. Or if you’d like to be involved but can’t make it. Or if you just want me to keep you on my mailing list. Feel free to send this along to anyone you think might be interested, and feel free to email or give me a call if you’d like to talk about this before then.”

Please feel free to contact Eric at [email protected] or 518.281.1875.

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