Be Here Now: A Festival of Firsts @ The Brick Elephant , 9/3-9/4/09

BrickElephantRe:Soundings is presenting a boffo day for new music with A Festival of Firsts, a day-long extravaganza of music and multi-media including running commentary by Mary Jane Leach and Damian (of Kalvos and Damian), an art exhibition, and no less than 8 premieres. It’s all happening on Saturday, October 3, 2009, 2-9 pm, at The Brick Elephant in Valley Falls.

Here’s the schedule:


  • Dan Evans Farkas: Music For Hacked Toys (circuit bending with children’s toys)
  • Karl Korte: World premiere of “Drops of Water” (a computer piece generated from the sound of water)


  • Nicholas Chase: World premiere of “Songs of The Thirsty Sword” (piano, interactive laptop and video)
  • Alfred Brown: live sound processing (blocks of sound placed next to and on top of each other using loops, electric guitar, prepared tape, turntable, laptop, and various sound processors and small acoustic instruments)

4-5pm :

  • David Gunn – World premiere of “Lunar Ear Mural” (for flute and playback, performed by Laurel Ann Maurer)
  • Al Margolis and Doug Van Nort – live sound processing (collaborative performance on laptops)


  • Mary Jane Leach: World premiere of “Piano E-Tude” (taped e-bowed piano and live piano)
  • Karl Korte: “Drops of Water” (reprise)
  • Rocco Anthony Jerry performing on accordian:
    Peter Machajdik – Lines and Waves in Blue Deep for 5 accordions – 2nd US performance
    Yuji Takahashi – Like a Water Buffalo for solo accordion
    Conrad Kehn – Maximinimal for accordion, electronics, and video – world premiere
    Peter Machajdik – Five Mirrors for solo accordion – US Premiere
    Kjell Perder – AGNI god of fire for accordion quintet -2nd US performance
  • 7-8pm: Dinner break (pot luck)


    • Richard Lainhart: World premiere of “No Other Time” (live analog electronics performance and high-definition computer-animated film projection)

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