Be Here Now: They Might Be Giants @ The Egg, 10/2-3/09

The two Johns are back again for a double-barreled blast this weekend at The Egg, which is, of course, the subject of one of They Might Be Giants’ most popular “Venue Songs” – at least here at the offices.

Just in case you haven’t seen the music video for “The Egg” (or in case you need to see it again), here it is:


On Friday, October 2, They Might Be Giants will play a full concert including a very special performance of their 1990 album, “Flood,” in its entirity. That means that you’ll be sure to hear such ever-popular ditties as “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” and, of course, “Particle Man.”

Then on Saturday afternoon, TMBG return to the orb-shaped performance venue for a kids’ show matinee, certain to feature a heaping helping of tunes from their new chart-topping kids’ album/DVD, “Here Comes Science.” So you’re likely to hear nuggets like this one – “I Am a Paleontologist” featuring TMBG bassist Danny Weinkauf:

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