More on Royal de Luxe’s Giant Puppets

(photo by Pascal Victor)
(photo by Pascal Victor)
It looks like this is the weekend to be in Berlin (Germany, not New York). To help celebrate Germany’s reunification, the French contemporary street theater Royal de Luxe will be staging a citywide performance that will unfold over the next three days:

On Oct. 1, a 10 meter (33 foot) geyser and a six meter (20 foot) anchor will arrive at Berlin’s Schlossplatz before the giant puppets themselves. On Oct. 2, the smaller of the enormous puppets will wake up next to the Rote Rathaus (Berlin’s city hall buidling) near Alexanderplatz. Next to her will be a postbag containing 90,000 copies of old letters and postcards intercepted by the Stasi, the secret police of the former East Germany. She will explore the district and then fall asleep in the Lustgarten, a park in central Berlin. On Oct. 3, she will head toward Checkpoint Charlie and Potsdamer Platz while the larger puppet, the deep-sea diver, emerges from the Spree River near the Hauptbahnhof, Berlin’s central train station, and moves toward the Victory Column monument. In the late afternoon, the puppets will be reunited near the Brandenburg Gate. On Oct. 4, the puppets will walk together in a parade on the Straße des 17. Juni, the main east-west boulevard running through the Tiergarten, Berlin’s central park. A canon will fire the letters and postcards into the air, returning the confiscated messages to the gathered crowd.

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