41 Years Ago: George Wallace in Albany

Nippertown reader Mary Paley takes a look back at another of Albany’s historical moments – George Wallace’s presidential campaign rally in Albany’s Capital Park on October 10, 1968:

“Forty-one years ago this Saturday, segregationist candidate and Governor of Alabama, George Wallace held a presidential campaign rally on the steps of the New York State Capitol in Albany, NY. My father, Bob Paley, a Knickerbocker News photographer, covered the event. The primary themes of the rally – race relations, war and dissent – remain relevant today.

In 2004, while looking through a collection of my father’s photographs, I decided to bring his work to light and share it with a new audience over the Internet. I worked with the interactive design firm Tubehead to create a website that included an interactive piece about the Wallace Rally. For the 41st anniversary of the event, we adapted the interactive Wallace Rally to video.”

To see more of Bob Paley’s wonderful photography – including a great section on the 1969 Woodstock Festival – please visit the website “Close to This Moment: The Photography of Bob Paley.”

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  1. Kathy Conway says

    Incredible it has been 41 years. The YouTube is so re-living of those times in black and white. Like the typewriter sound in the background.. Thanks for sharing 😉

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