ArtBeat: Farewell to UpstArt

upstartUpstArt Contemporary Gallery in Glens Falls is hosting one last hurrah, and it promises to be a real doozie. The final group exhibition is titled “All Out,” and that’s exactly what the folks at UpstArt are hoping the artists will do.

“This exhibition is an invitational, we would like every artist that’s ever been kind enough to be involved with UpstArt to show the one piece they thought would never be shown in a gallery,” the UpstArt website bodly declares. “Give us the riskiest, most challenging, most personal, most provocative work you have.

“This show is the culmination of our mission, which was to provide a forum for contemporary artists of any age or standing to join a dialog with no fear of judgment or limitation.”

Among the artists who have risen to the challenge are TODT, Richard Truby, D.K. Thurlow, James Goss, Mark Walp, Ingrid Ludt, Thomas Jack Hilton and many more.

The “All Out” exhibition will kick off on Saturday, October 10 with a Poetry Slam, hosted by Mark DeVit. It is open to everyone and sign up begins at 2pm. Prizes will be awarded.

The poetry slam will be followed by an opening reception for the exhibit, which will officially begin at 6pm.

UpstArt, we’re gonna miss ya.

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