Sean Rowe on the Road in the UK

Nippertown acoustic soul singer Sean Rowe made the big jump across the Atlantic at the end of September for a UK tour with London indie rockers Noah and the Whale. He’s in the middle of the tour now.

Here’s one of Rowe’s Recent Road Reports from backstage in Norwich:

You can also read more detailed updates on Sean’s blog.

Sean Rowe’s next gig scheduled for this side of the Atlantic is on Friday, October 23 – a benefit concert for radio station Exit 97.7 at the “Exit Dome” with Super 400, Eric Margan & the Red Lions and members of Railbird.

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  1. AndyG says

    Unfortunately, both Sean and Noah and the Whale got additional international press when NATW’s equipment trailer was stolen last week. It was reported on NME, Paste Magazine, BBC News, and NATW’s blog. But, good news too! Seems 2 blokes connected to the heist have been nabbed by the bobbies. Hopefully, it’ll lead to recovering all the equipment.

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