Real Good for Free: Communal Drone Night @ ACCR, 10/13/09

OK, enough of this going out and sitting passively listening to a concert. Now it’s time to join in the music-making fun.

The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy is hosting “Communal Drone Night” at 8pm tonight (Tuesday, October 13). Come on down. Bring an instrument. Or grab one of the various sound generating playthings at the arts center and join in the hypnotic, harmonic drone of Troy.

You know, they really should pass out kazoos to everybody as they enter the theater. That would be cool.

This bash is co-sponsored by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective, and it’s great to see mainstream arts venues like the Arts Center and Proctors jumping in bed with mavericks like ASAC.

And, yes, of course, if you insist on simply sitting there and listening, yeah, you can do that, too.

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