Pretty scary, eh kids? It Came From Schenectady Presents Halloween Horrors


Halloween is on a Saturday night this year, which means lots and lots of events to choose from, but I doubt you can do much better than 2nd Annual 24 Hour Film Fest running from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday at the GE Theatre @ Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady.

Tickets are $45 $40 in advance, $50 at the door, and an 8 hour pass is $25. Here’s a 24-hour Survival Guide

And here’s the schedule:

Block 1 -12pm – 8pm
4:00pm: Viewers Choice
6:20pm: An American Werewolf in London

Block 2: 8pm – 4am
8:00pm The Haunting
10:00pm TBD
12:00pm Nosfuratu
2:00am Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Block 3: 4am – 12pm
4:00am TBD
6:15am Who Could Kill a Child
8:30am Tales from the Crypt
10:00am Viewers Choice

By the way, it looks like the Zombie Walk from last weekend’s Zombie Film Feast II was a smashing success. Here are Flickr photosets of the walk from:

Patrick J. Dodson

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  1. Peter Hughes says

    HEads up, pre-sale tickets are $40 not $45. Thanks

  2. Edward Dimmer says

    This will be my first attendance at your annual film festival !
    Especially looking forward to ‘Yoroi Samuraii Vampire’ and
    ‘Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl’ !

    I do have a suggestion for another type of film festival !
    There are four independant filmmakers out of the New York
    area that have been working consistently in the horror gendre
    since the late sixties:

    Joe Bagnardi (JB Productions) – ‘Shadow Tracker – Vampire Hunter’ –
    ‘The Edge of Reality’ – in production – ‘Resurrection’.

    Bruce G. Hallenbeck (Pagean Productiona) – ‘Vampyr’ …. ‘The Drowning’ …..
    ‘ London After Midnight’

    Jeff Kirkendal (Very Scary Productions) – ‘The Temptress’ …. other shorts

    just an idea my friends! see u at Proctors ! Ed … aka … Dread Runner

  3. Wild Zero says

    Edward – We featured films by Bruce and Jeff at a previous fest. I believe we may have also screened Joe’s Shadow Tracker, though I can’t swear to that.

    Also, it would be noted that two to the TBD slots have now been determined. At 10pm in block 2 we have the New York premiere of MUST LOVE DEATH. And at 4am in block 3 we have the New York premiere of ABLE. Both are English language films from Germany, and both have been getting rave reviews at other festivals.

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