Take It From the Top: Shawn Colvin

songswithoutrhyme“we had to call the police again on the mexican bachelors next door. it’s kind of a thrill to call the police on somebody, and my husband and i agreed that we weren’t being reckless because we had asked them twice already to turn the music down and it was 2 a.m. and the last time this happened the baby woke up. we live in an apartment complex and although each unit has a front door, most of the residents use their garages to enter their apartments. we knew, therefore, that the mexicans drove a mercedes and a lexus, a detail that made an impression on my husband, who appreciates fine automobiles. we could also see that the inside of their garage was plastered with absolut vodka ads and pinups of naked women. so we knew the mexican bachelors were young, upscale, and liked to party, and that was fine, but enough was enough.”

(Shawn Colvin’s “Bonefields” from “Songs Without Rhyme: Prose By Celebrated Songwriters,” 2001)

At the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on Sunday, November 1, Shawn Colvin plays a benefit concert for Sky Lake Lodge, a Shambhala Buddhist meditation center in Rosendale. Dean Batstone opens the show.

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