That Was The Week That Was

We made fun of Elizabeth Taylor and The Yes-Men made fun of the US Chamber of Commerce.

Faust got a cement mixer and Mike Huckabee got down.

Micah Silver remembered Maryanne Amacher.

We sent out pleas for Discard Avant Garb documentation and Berkshire Radio’s fund drive.

CAMA, Part Deux

LIVE: The Gene Ludwig Trio @ the Whisperdome, 10/23/09
LIVE: The Julian Lage Group @ the Van Dyck, 10/23/09
LIVE: Soulive @ Revolution Hall, 10/23/09
LIVE: The Playing for Change Band @ The Egg, 10/24/09
LIVE: The Exit’s Local 518 Benefit Concert @ WMHT-TV Studios, 10/23/09
LIVE: Jocamo @ The Linda, 10/22/09
LIVE: Farmer Jason @ The Linda, 10/23/09

Hanging Out @ The Tang Museum, 10/21/09
Hanging Out @ Harvest Fest 10/25/09

FIVE FIRSTS: Dylan Palazzo of Sea of Trees
FIVE FIRSTS: Rick Bedrosian of Hair of the Dog

CD Review: JOHNNY MYSTERY & THE MYSTEIOS’ “Pronounced Misty-Oh’s”
Book Review: R. Crumb’s “The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb”

Don’t forget to mark your calender: Comin’ Soon…

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by, left a comment, or wrote to us this week. Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

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