Blast From the Past: The Albany Lark


Bert Blotto of Long Island, where he’s the webmaster for, was thrilled recently to snag a copy of the premiere issue of the Albany Lark on eBay.

The Albany Lark – a short-lived humor, music, pop culture ‘zine of the early 1980s – was the handiwork of the great and seriously demented Michael Corcoran, who also wrote about music for some of the more respectable publications during his tenure here in Nippertown during the glory punk and new wave days.

Corcoran is still writing – currently for the Austin American-Statesman – and he’s still as sharp as ever. You can frequently find his writings at

Anybody remember how many issues of the Albany Lark got published?

Oh, and Bert … nice Residents t-shirt, dude.

  1. martyn says

    Didnt he take some heat from the FBI over one of his cartoons? It had an image of Reagan with a target on this back and said something like: Only 17 assassination days left till inauguration!

  2. Sara says

    I remember it was the Secret Service, not the FBI who paid him a visit. I don’t remember the details but I do remember thinking that it was not something you would ever want to have happen to you.

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